OOO NPP "Dinamika"

ООО НПП “Динамика”

OOO NPP "Dinamika"

Director: Khokhlova Irina Ilyinichna
Phone: (8352) 325-200, 458-126, 580-713
Address: Cheboksary, post office, and / I 160

General information:

Established in 1990 by a team of Research Institute of Relay Cheboksary.

Heads of enterprise developers were many Soviet relay protection for power engineering objects 6 - 1150 kW.

Общество с ограниченной ответственностью «Научно-производственное предприятие «Динамика» в лице директора В.Н. Димитриева, действующего на основании устава, В.А. Герасимова, действующего на основании доверенности.

Products and services:

Today NPP "dynamics" - the leading enterprise in Russia in the development, manufacture and sale of advanced test equipment to test the different electrical equipment for power, oil and gas, energy-intensive industries and power distance.

All devices manufactured NPP "dynamics" are certified means of measurement.

Devices under the brand RETOM organically complementing each other, let you check almost the entire range of secondary and primary equipment at power 0.38 - 1150 kW.

Currently, over 38,000 devices with RETOM brand successfully operated at power facilities in Russia and abroad.