"Plant" EnergoMash "

ООО “Завод “ЭнергоМаш”

"Plant" EnergoMash "

Director: A.I.Morozov
Phone: (8352) 54-28-28
Address: Cheboksary, ul.324 Infantry Division 10B

General information:

ООО «Завод ЭнергоМаш» динамично и стремительно развивающаяся компания с богатым опытом работы на рынке электротехнического оборудования. Основное направление деятельности нашей компании – производство и реализация высоковольтного и низковольтного оборудования.
Electrical Equipment, produced by the plant EnergoMash widely used in power generation, oil and gas industry, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, railway transport, building and construction, and many others.
High professionalism and experience of our specialists, as well as the latest technology enabled the development of competitive products that meet modern international standards.

Products and services:

Range of products of LLC "Energomash plant" broad and diverse. At present the plant produces:

Transformer substations

Complete outdoor transformer substation with one transformer (KTP) or two transformers (2KTPN) nominal voltage 6 (10) / 0,4 kV.

  1. KTP Complete outdoor transformer substation voltage 6 (10) / 0,4 kV power from 25 to 250 kVA pole and mast type (TACC, KTPM)

  2. KTP Complete outdoor transformer substation voltage 6 (10) / 0,4 kV capacity from 25 to 2500 kVA kiosk, insulated type (KTPK, KTPNU)

  3. KTP Unit transformer substation voltage 6 (10) / 0,4 kV power from 25 kVA to 1600 in the reinforced concrete casing (KTPB)

  4. Complete transformer substation KTP internal voltage setting 6 (10) / 0,4 kV capacity from 250 to 2,500 KW (ETC)

CAMERA-Assembled KSO 299, KSO-299m, KSO-398, KSO-399

(RIC-366 analog, KSO-285, KSO-292, KSO-297, KSO-298)

CSR chamber 299 intended for use in electrical installations phase alternating current frequency of 50 Hz and 60 Hz and a nominal voltage 6 to 10 kV in isolated or earthed through quenching reactor neutral and manufactured for the needs of the national economy and for export.


Компенсация реактивной мощности в настоящее время, является немаловажным фактором позволяющим решить вопрос энергосбережения на предприятии. В зависимости от потребности Заказчика установки могут изготавливаться как для внутренней, так и для уличной установки.

Low-voltage electropanelboard PRODUCTS

- The main switchboard MSB

- Built-in power distribution SHRE series

- input switching ASU

- Panels SCHO70

- Boards floor SCHE

- Solid apartment NHK

- Built-in anti-vandal protection and accounting YAVSHU

Individual lockers for technical projects and schemes of the customer

The company's products are certified by the certification system GOST R State Standard of Russia