Ltd. "Intelligent Network"

ООО “Интеллектуальные Сети”

Ltd. "Intelligent Network"

Director: Nikandrov Maxim V.
Phone: +7 831 280 97 89
Address: Cheboksary, ul. Of the on, d. 1, Bldg. 9

General information:

Limited Liability Company "Intelligent Network of" (hereinafter iGids) was organized in 2012

The organization is located at the address - Cheboksary, st. Station, d.1, building 9.

Initially, the company was created as a system integrator of APCS solutions and local automation for various electric power facilities. The basic vendor, in terms of automated process control systems, is SIEMENS (SICAM PAS, WIN CC, S7 400). I also have experience with GE and ABB equipment. In terms of relay protection and automation, they work with almost any equipment, including Russian.

The company is actively developing a new direction - Information security of APCS of critically important facilities (IS APCS of KVO). Today iGrids is a Russian company, developer and integrator of software, technical solutions in the field of digital control systems and cybersecurity for the electric power industry. In partnership with leading Russian and international companies, it performs a full range of works on the design, supply and commissioning of control complexes, relay protection and cybersecurity systems for critical infrastructure facilities of a unified electric power grid.

The company has licenses of FSTEC (TZKI and SZKI) and FSB (cryptographic means.


iGrids is a team of highly qualified engineers with practical experience in implementing various management and cybersecurity systems.

The company's staff takes part in the development of regulatory and technical documentation and other work of specialized working groups on information security (Rosseti, FGC UES, RusHydro, CIGRE, etc.).

Maxim Nikandrov is the director of the company since 2015. I have been the head of the RNC CIGRE working group “Cybersecurity of relay protection and automation systems and control systems of modern electric power facilities”. The working group includes 2 subcommittees of RNC CIGRE:

- D2 "Information systems and telecommunications";

- В5 "Relay protection and automation".

The main task of the working group is to analyze domestic and foreign experience in ensuring information security of power facilities and develop recommendations for supplementing the technical requirements for MP relay protection and automation devices and other IEDs in terms of information security.


iGRIDS in their work closely with leading technology leaders in the field of information technology and cyber defense.

Confidentiality agreements and partnership agreements have been concluded with the following organizations:

JSC "Kaspersky Lab" is one of the most dynamically developing company in the field of information security. It is one of the four leading global manufacturers of software solutions for the protection of end devices and information systems.

CJSC "Positive Technologies" - a leader in countering cyber threats. The main activities of the company: the study of modern security threats and the creation of products and services to combat hacking of information systems.

JSC "NTC FSK UES" is a recognized leader in the field of scientific, design and engineering solutions in the management of power systems and power grids, in the field of power generation and distribution, optimization of modes and methods of power transmission, as well as in the design of power grid and power facilities.

FSUE "RFNC-VNIIEF" Russian state scientific and production enterprise, which is part of the state corporation Rosatom. Developer and manufacturer of control systems and information systems of national importance.

OJSC InfoTex leading domestic developer and manufacturer of high-tech software and hardware and software for information security, a recognized leader in the information security market in Russia.

Products and services:


To conduct testing and testing of cyber protection solutions, the organization has created a laboratory-testing ground for secondary equipment, which allows a wide range of checks and experiments in the field of IS ACS TP KVO.

The polygon is as close to reality as possible. The most popular devices, configurations and settings corresponding to real objects are used.

To control all processes occurring at the landfill equipment, a monitoring and control system has been created.

The presence of a workshop and qualified engineering and technical personnel allows us to quickly modernize the landfill for specific current tasks and experiments.

The following types of work are performed at the landfill:

  • verification of compliance with the standards and requirements of information security of intelligent devices (controllers, protection terminals, network equipment) and software and hardware complex ACS TP;
  • verification of the elimination of known vulnerabilities in intelligent devices and software used in the control systems of air defense systems, certification of hardware and software complexes, routers and gateways;
  • research and analysis of IS threats to the power grid complex;
  • full comprehensive testing of information security solutions at the stand as close as possible to the real object of protection in the information burst mode (STO 56947007-;
  • adjusting the functionality of IS solutions in accordance with the requirements and features of the power grid complex;

The equipment of the landfill allows carrying out a full cycle of functional tests of secondary equipment regulated by the standards of grid and generating companies (the stand corresponds to STO 56947007-

The proving ground consists of:

  • Top level: server equipment, automated workstations (AWS) of operational and engineering personnel; additional computers simulating systems of a higher level of management.
  • Intermediate level: network equipment (switches and media converters), time servers, routers for communication with simulators of higher levels of control.
  • Lower level: connection controllers, power equipment controllers, relay protection and automation terminals, measuring transducers.

To simulate the technological process, a complex has been assembled for modeling the process of generating and transmitting electrical energy.

To date, more than a hundred devices and 3 PTC APCS from various manufacturers have been deployed at the test site.