Round table "Import substitution of software systems in the design and organization of production activities"

Round table "Import substitution of software systems in the design and organization of production activities"

В целях сохранения производственной эффективности организаций в условиях ограничений, вызванных санкциями со стороны западных стран Центр прототипирования Чувашской Республики 30 ноября 2022 года проводит круглый стол «Импортозамещение программных комплексов в проектировании и организации производственной деятельности».
The round table is held with the participation of:

  • the ASCON company is the largest Russian developer of engineering software and an integrator in the field of automation of design and production activities;
  • Nanosoft Development is a Russian developer of the nanoCAD CAD platform for various industries.

Topics discussed at the round table:

  • Direction "INDUSTRY"
    – advanced technologies in the Razvitie Consortium PLM-complex to solve actual production problems;
    – technological sovereignty with the help of a domestic PLM complex. Basic scenarios for the transition from foreign software;
    Import substitution in practice. Reverse engineering using KOMPAS-3D;
    – design in instrumentation in the ASCON software complex and partners in the Development Consortium;
    - basic scenarios for pre-production using ASCON software;
    – software solutions and tools for automating production processes;
    – Russian solutions for industry
    – The nanoCAD platform.
  • Direction "CONSTRUCTION"
    – complex BIM-solution ASCON;
    – automation in 1C:ERP based on a digital information model from the Renga BIM system;
    – import substitution in practice, inheritance of information from Autocad;
    – adaptation and development of software, how and when is it required?
    – TIM contract under the conditions of transition to domestic software;
    – nanoCAD BIM platform for risk reduction in construction: the advantages of technology and a composite model.

The round table will be held on November 30, 2022 from 10.00 to 15.00. at the address: Cheboksary, Lenin Ave., 15 (National Library), 1st floor, room. 119. To participate in the round table, before November 28, 2022, you must go through electronic registration at link.
Participation is free!

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