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Innovative Electrical territorial cluster of Chuvash Republic

The structure of industrial cluster "Innovative territorial Electrotechnical cluster Chuvash Republic" includes 17 stakeholders in the industry, 2 universities, 1 institution of secondary vocational education, 1 Regional Development Institute, 3 units of technological and industrial infrastructure, 2-for-profit (public) organizations, 1 finance company.

In 2016 the index of industrial production organizations within the Innovation territorial Electrotechnical cluster Chuvash Republic made up 115.8%.

Innovative Electrical territorial cluster of Chuvash Republic - is:

  • More than 100 000 products
  • Every 5th ruble in the volume of shipped products manufacturing industries and every third ruble of machine-building complex of the republic
  • Occupied 20.1 thousand. People (19.0% of the structure of the manufacturing sector of the country)
  • The average monthly salary - 37 thousand rubles.
  • Take on the Russian market for individual product items from 25 to 40% of the Russian market
  • Supply of advanced products with high technical and operational characteristics of the CIS countries, Europe and the Far Abroad
  • Partnership with strategičeskimi partner: PAO "Rossetti" PAO "RusHydro" PAO "NK" Rosneft "PAO" MOESK ", GK" Rosatom "PAO" FSK EES "PAO" Transneft "PAO" Lukoil "PAO" Concern Rosenergoatom ", OOO" GAZ "PAO" AvtoVAZ "PAO" KAMAZ "PAO" RZD "PAO" Gazprom ", AK" ALROSA "PAO" Renova Orgsintez "PAO" PAZ ", and others.

Aims and objectives of industrial cluster

Цель создания - Development of industrial potential and competitive advantages of the industrial participants in the cluster to create a new competitive high-tech products for energy and industry, as well as import substitution and access to international markets.

Formation of an effective system of interaction and cooperation of electrical enterprises, research and education sector and the government to improve the competitiveness, and output the electrical industry of the republic to foreign markets subject to compliance with the requirements of international standards.

The creation of innovative electrical cluster in the Chuvash Republic:

  1. Implementation of joint projects of the cluster, aimed at the creation of new types of industrial products, including in the framework of import substitution, improve product quality, increase the added value created by the participants of the cluster.
  2. Increasing industrial potential participants in the cluster's competitiveness and development through their effective cooperation, including within the framework of scientific, technical and industrial cooperation throughout the product lifecycle.
  3. The increase in the growth rate of industrial production industrial cluster members.
  4. Easier access to new technological solutions, providing technology transfer, the development of high-tech production lines.
  5. The increase in output cluster members, works with high value-added services.
  6. Development of the system of general and targeted training and development of scientific, engineering, technical and management training for the participants of the industrial cluster.
  7. Organizational, methodical and expert-analytical support of the specialized organization participating industrial cluster.
  8. To stimulate the creation and growth of new companies - cluster members from among small and medium-sized businesses.

Functional Card Innovation territorial cluster of electrical Chuvash Republic

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История возникновения кластера

История возникновения кластера


Предпосылки создания кластера

Предпосылки создания кластера

Высокий потенциал электротехнической промышленности Чувашии

  • The presence of large and small electrical business in the territory of the Chuvash Republic, can act as the core clustering;
  • Geographical concentration and proximity of enterprises and organizations of the cluster, providing the opportunity for effective interaction;
  • Стратегическое партнерство с ведущими российскими компаниями

Существующие требования международных стандартов

  • The lag of the Russian electrotechnical industry on the requirements of the standards developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the Association of IPC;
  • Необходимость адаптации российских технологий в области электротехники к международным требованиям для обеспечения ее конкурентоспособности и спроса на мировом рынке

Наличие базы для подготовки кадров и осуществления НИОКР

  • VPO "Chuvash State University. IN Ulyanov ";
  • Inter-Regional Resource Center "Energy" on the basis of Cheboksary electromechanical college;
  • All-Russian Research, Design and Technological Institute of Relay and research units within enterprises;
  • A continuous process of training secondary specialized, professional level, with the participation of higher education in the educational process leading power and electrical companies of Russia and Chuvashia

Конкурентные преимущества Чувашской Республики

  • The convenient geographical location in the center of the European part of Russia, a strategic intersection of rail, water and highways, proximity to developed regions;
  • Infrastructure: industrial, manufacturing, transport, engineering and social;
  • Политическая стабильность и информационная открытость

Целевые ориентиры

Description targets (expected results) program of cluster development.

The purpose of the operation and development of the cluster:

  • formation of an infrastructure ensuring the development of competitive advantages of electrical industry, which produces equipment for the energy and industry;
  • import substitution and access to international markets.

The cluster must ensure the following tasks:

  • reproduction of highly qualified scientists, engineers, technicians and skilled workers,
  • access to high technology,
  • assistance in promotion of products on the market
  • creating a base for R & D and incubation business areas.

Implementation of the measures will allow the development of electrical cluster in 2016:

  • increase production and revenue to 160 billion. rubles, of which one-third of the volume of supply to the world markets;
  • ensure productivity growth of 6.7 times the level of 2011;
  • ensure the growth of the average monthly wage is 2 times the level of 2011;
  • Increase the share of innovative products in 2016 - 67.8%

The main activities for the implementation of priorities and targets of the cluster, including the following areas:

  • the development of production and production infrastructure;

The most important function of the cluster is to create infrastructure for accelerated innovative development of existing and comfortable conditions for the formation of new companies in the profile of the cluster.

Organization in Cheboksary test and certification center cluster will allow enterprises to reduce the cost of test and shorten the time trials. The high load test equipment will be provided by its collective enterprises using both cluster and electrical companies from other regions of the Russian Federation, as well as foreign manufacturers interested in promoting their products to the Russian market.

  • research and development, development of innovation infrastructure;

Organizations electrical cluster together with leading universities of the republic are held on current R & D areas of electrical engineering. The list of works for the period 2009-2011 is given in Appendix "R & D".

In today's competitive world it is impossible to lead an active struggle for markets not protect their research and development of patents for the invention. Results of research and development carried out by members of the cluster are protected by patents.

  • training and skills development;

The basic training for electrical engineering personnel cluster Chuvash Republic is carried out on the basis of VPO "Chuvash State University. I. Ulyanov, "where specialists in almost all areas," Power and Electrical Engineering "," Electrical machines "," Industrial Electronics "and others.

At present, preparations are under way for the three-level scheme (bachelor, engineer, master's degree (engineering issledovatetel). Training is conducted in conjunction with the innovative companies that are involved in training, providing educational process the formation of the desired profile of the specialist, and conduct training staff from among leading scientists and experts , provision of research and production base, R & D themes for undergraduates and graduate students.

  • development of transport, energy, utilities, housing, education and social infrastructure;

Underdeveloped transport communications reduces the cost of land and real estate, reduces the investment rating of the residential areas has a significant impact on the further cluster development, creates significant challenges for the delivery of various cargoes in the town (including building materials for individual housing construction), makes difficult passage of special equipment in case of emergency (ambulance, fire trucks, police and others.)

  • promotion of products cluster in domestic and foreign markets;

The basis for the stable development of electrical cluster in the long run may be the existence of a strategic action plan drawn up taking into account the expected customer requirements with regard to product quality and expected consumption.

In order to achieve the planned indicators of production and marketing work will be carried out in two main directions: the increase in sales to traditional customers in the already developed market sector and the expansion of markets by entering new growth markets, characterized by high demand and insufficient degree of its satisfaction.

  • организационное развитие кластера

Areas of electrical cluster that is necessary to develop in the first place:

  1. Creating mechanisms for coordination among participants.
  2. The establishment of the cluster, which is to take over the development of a common
  3. Politicians and approval of cluster initiatives (projects and programs).
  4. Creating a cluster secretariat for organizational and information
  5. Analytical support of the Council and the cluster as a whole.
  6. Approval of the cluster projects and programs. Determining the order of their implementation.

Развитие электротехнического кластера

Развитие электротехнического кластера

Opportunity to accelerate the development of the cluster. Readiness Assessment of the cluster to use the existing capacity.

The possibility of accelerating the development of electrical cluster in Cheboksary following:

1) expanding the range of products and improving existing products;

2) the development of production and improve product quality;

3) development of cooperation with international manufacturers, including joint ventures, exchange of experience, implementation of joint projects that will attract foreign technology companies in the production process of the republic;

4) development of dealer and service networks;

5) The re-engineering of production facilities;

6) the development of scientific and technical base, implementation of R & D.

7) minimization of logistics costs and the introduction of modern management techniques in the formation and development of electrical cluster in Cheboksary will boost not only capital but also technology, intellectual resources, and the world-famous trade brands.

Factors that could have a negative impact on the development of the cluster, the main risks. Assess their significance. Basic mechanisms of compensation of threats and risks.

The main factors and trends of development of the Russian economy, which currently determine the development of the electrical industry are:

1) the globalization of the industry;

Competitive advantages of getting companies that sell around the world, achieve the highest level of activity and the volume of gross profits, enabling them to lead in terms of investment in new technologies and terms of introduction of new products.

Important role in the globalization of markets and industries are advanced communication technologies that enable multinational companies to attract qualified personnel and to use the best scientific schools in different countries of the world, manage the international system of promotion and sales.

The developed system allows you to create international logistics network of production companies, choosing to place industrial enterprises in the region close to the main sales market, low labor costs, a favorable tax regime and infrastructure.

These advantages, together with the advantages of scale of activity of international trade in determining the dominant position of multinational companies in the market of electrical products.

2) increasing specialization of companies and market development service companies;

Restricting the area of ​​activity, companies are increasingly concentrate on their priority directions and getting along these lines technological advantages that allow them to significantly increase the share of the priority segment of the market.

Service companies now have a major influence on the development of the sector, its share in the formation of the cost of the final product is constantly increasing.

Service companies create more jobs, attracted significant investment and provide a large amount of tax deductions.

The average profitability of service companies for a lot less profitable food companies with comparable business volume, so a customs and tax regime have considerably greater impact.

3) an increase in the influence of social needs in the development of the industry;

The growth of individual well-being and corporate earnings are increasingly in contradiction with social values ​​such as the environment, public safety, social justice, and so on. These socially conscious needs is a powerful incentive the technological development of the modern world.

So increasing environmental requirements lead to the introduction of new clean technology electronics manufacturing, which encourages research and development of new materials and processes. Objectives of conservation of natural resources stimulate the introduction of electronic energy-saving technologies and control the flow of resources.

In the future, the impact of social demands on the development of the economy will continue to grow.

4) the cyclical nature of the industry development and periodic crises.

The unevenness of the innovation process leads to periodic crises in the global electronics industry.

At intervals of 5-8 years is the introduction of major innovations in the electronics industry, accompanied by the rapid growth of investment, expansion of the electronics market, the growth in production volumes. During this period, companies with promising technological developments, are able to attract the necessary investment in the best conditions. When the market is saturated with new generation technologies, the growth period is replaced by the crisis - a sharp decline in investment, the reduction in production of electronics. During the crisis, especially the greatly reduced demand and prices for new technological equipment and services for the implementation of new technological processes. At this time, the benefits received by the company and the state, have the financial resources necessary for the acquisition of new technologies and to attract leading experts. This increases their chances to become a leader in the next cycle of technological development.

Перспективы развития электротехнического кластера

Prospects for strengthening the competitiveness of the cluster, including those associated with the possibilities of creating a high-performance workstations, with the presence of productive capacity and infrastructure constraints, with the possibilities of filling-chain form of added value for the cluster to include the new businesses.


Enterprises of electrotechnical industry of the Chuvash Republic have significant potential. Mobilization capacity and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises also contributes to the union within the electrical cluster.

The association purpose is to acquire additional competitive advantages, which will implement the main strategic objectives:

  • take a leading position;
  • shape the rules of the game;
  • push competitors;
  • raise capitalization.

Leading positions are engaged in the fields of:

  • sales;
  • minimize costs;
  • product quality;
  • novelty;
  • service;
  • management technologies;
  • total capitalization.

Leadership in sales achieved by combining the total production of association members. Because of the accumulation of experience in sales leadership leads to the leadership of the unit costs.

Minimizing costs and contributes to the division between the parties of association costs:

  • marketing, including advertising;
  • Research and development;
  • acquisition and development of technology:

- Management;
- Production;
- Network:
- Dealer;
- Service.

The possibility of joint marketing research and R & D allows you to master advanced technology and better meet customer needs.

Improved product quality while reducing upgrade replaces the terms of its price competition on competition of quality and service that allows you to make large profits on the market with quality high-tech products.

Потенциал электротехнического кластера Чувашской Республики

Потенциал электротехнического кластера Чувашской Республики


Эффективность работы кластера

Эффективность работы кластера


SWOT-анализ электротехнического кластера Чувашской Республики

SWOT-анализ электротехнического кластера Чувашской Республики

Despite the presence of the strengths of an existing electrical cluster Chuvash Republic has unresolved problems: there is a lack of investment, lack of infrastructure, lack of access to the global innovation and technology and, as a consequence - low compared to foreign companies, the level of productivity, profitability , low level of development of small and medium-sized businesses.

However, now there are all prerequisites for a successful development of electrical cluster in Cheboksary: ​​high production and human potential, generating demand for products related industries. There are long-term cooperation agreements with strategic partners of JSC "Russian Railways", Rosatom, JSC "RusHydro", OJSC "Gazprom", "Rosneft" and others.

In addition, the main advantages of electrical cluster include: a high level of security of raw materials and labor resources, development of scientific and educational base, a large market and a high level of effective demand for the products.

On the territory of Cheboksary it is also of "All-Russian Research Institute of Relay" Electrical Academy.

Given that almost all the problems of the participants of the cluster are similar, which is also due to their binding to the same territory. Consequently, the solution of common problems in the framework of cluster policy can be integrated. Solving a particular problem, characteristic for each member of the cluster, this problem will be solved in almost all cluster members with the exception of some individual characteristics of individual participants.

Strengths (Strenghts) Weaknesses (Weaknesses)
  • The presence of more than 30 companies that manufacture high-tech products;
  • Close cooperation with research institutions;
  • The proximity to major cities, transport infrastructure development;
  • A high level of innovation industry;
  • Sufficient population (in the city and metropolitan area);
  • The high quality of personnel, the unique knowledge and expertise in the sectors of specialization;
  • The presence of the territory (area) under development;
  • High-quality industrial urban environment;
  • The high degree of interest in the development of the cluster in the Chuvash Republic;
  • Значительный опыт сотрудничества с международными партнерами
  • Non-compliance of the world market;
  • The lack of testing and certification center;
  • Infrastructural deficiencies (lack of resources for the development of the industrial site);
  • Weak branches of universities in the territory;
  • Small research programs;
  • Lack of state order for scientific personnel;
  • Insufficient amount of funds allocated to research and development;
  • Разобщенность и внутренняя конкуренция компаний

Opportunities (Opportunities)

  • Production in accordance with international standards (IEC and other);
  • Implementation of projects for foreign partners "turnkey";
  • Create a unique for Russia test and certification center;
  • Expanding the range of production of the electrical industry: device for solar energy, cogeneration, printed circuit boards and microprocessors;
  • Turning to the main electrical center of Russia and the world;
  • "Dostraivaniya" cluster of new technology markets: a new energy;
  • Formation of the global networks of partnerships;
  • Capacity expansion cluster creation in Russia of a global center of knowledge in the field of electrical engineering;
  • Making one of the key centers of competence in the field of electrical engineering research;
  • Реализация возможности «опираться» на госпрограммы и госзаказ

Threats (Threats)

  • Reducing the effectiveness of existing facilities;
  • The inability to develop new promising markets and "jam" on the old;
  • The threat of energy security;
  • The risk of loss of electrical power;
  • The degradation of human resources;
  • Untapped potential production of electrotechnical devices for solar energy;
  • Отсутствие в России центра сертификации и стандартизации