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Возможности для электротехники Чувашской Республики

Current status: Russia

  • High wear of electrical equipment, the need for fleet renewal. Throughout the country, the share of equipment that has outlived its service life, exceeding 60%, and in some network companies reaches 80%.
  • The share of imported electrical equipment in Russia is about 70%. The expansion of domestic supply will minimize the dependence on imports of electric power.

Worldwide trends:

  • entering high-tech intelligent devices
  • introduction of new technologies calculations pieces of equipment,
  • the use of modern simulation software, allows you to test the parameters of future equipment at the design stage;
  • improvement of consumer properties of products, modernization approaches and solutions

Opportunities and prospects:

  • Import substitution: decline in the coming years, the share of imported equipment up to 12%, then in the next 3-5 years to 8% in 2030 to 3%.
  • The renovation program of the main power grid equipment for the period up to 2020 to ensure the modernization .: distribution grid complex until 2020. The total investment in modernization is estimated at 2 trillion 850 billion rubles.
  • Cooperation and Integration: with both the foreign companies, and with each other in order to achieve an ergonomic effect.
  • Strengthening partnerships with leading domestic manufacturers, research centers and educational institutions. The ultimate goal - the joint development of new technological solutions for the needs of the distribution grid complex (for example, through electrical cluster).

One of the main Customer - JSC "IDGC Holding". The structure, created as a result of reorganization of RAO "UES of Russia", today is a mega-corporation with a consolidated revenue of more than $ 10 billion a year. Combining 70% of low-voltage networks in the country, holding controls 11 interregional distribution grid companies (MRSK) formed on the territorial principle, and five distribution grid companies and seven regional sales companies.