services provided

Description of the Chuvash Republic of services rendered to participants of innovative regional electrical cluster Association "Intek"

1. From the methodological support of the Cluster:

  • Cluster development programs;
  • creation of a permanent system of consultation services for cluster members;
  • formation of databases containing technical requirements for products produced by members of the Cluster.

2. In the field of organizational support of the Cluster:

  • facilitate the organization of training, retraining, professional development and training of personnel cluster members;
  • consulting services for the areas of the cluster development program;
  • promote and participate in advertising campaigns in the media to promote the Cluster;
  • promotion of cooperation and organization in accordance with the interests of the cluster members;
  • facilitating communication between public authorities, local governments and organizations - members of the Cluster.

3. In the expert-analytical support:

  • development of proposals on improvement of legal regulation in the sphere of activity of cluster based on the proposals of cluster members;
  • the provision of services in terms of the enforcement and promotion of industrial production cluster;
  • up monitoring of industrial, scientific, financial and economic potential of the cluster;
  • development and implementation of joint projects involving cluster members Cluster, organizations of education and science, government, and other stakeholders;
  • provision of business planning, roadmaps for the implementation of projects or cluster with cluster members;
  • organization, marketing research on the different markets related to the promotion of cluster products;
  • facilitating the participation of the Cluster as a whole and its individual members in international programs and projects;
  • ensuring attract credit and investment resources within the cluster development program;
  • ensuring the coordination of the program of activities with the activities of the Cluster development programs for cluster members.

4. In the field of information support:

  • to promote the launch of new products (services) cluster members;
  • organizing webinars, roundtables, conferences and seminars in the field of interests of participants of the Cluster;
  • organization of exhibitions and yarmorochnyh and communication activities of cluster members, including abroad;
  • maintenance of an Internet portal cluster on the Internet in order to create an information environment of the cluster activities;
  • provision of cluster members and stakeholders the necessary business and economic information relating to the functioning and development of clusters;
  • development and dissemination to interested parties of the current and future allocation scheme of scientific-educational, productive forces Cluster.