Regional Centre for Engineering

Phone: (8352) 22-45-60
Address: 428000, Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, Lenin Avenue, 12B

General information:


Engineering Center of the Chuvash Republic was founded in 2013 and is a subdivision of the Electrical cluster Chuvash Republic.

Center for Engineering provides support to small and medium entrepreneurship in the field of industrial engineering, and agricultural production.

Objectives of the project - a quantitative increase in the number of SMEs using engineering services;

  • increase the number of qualified engineering companies in the region;
  • increase economic efficiency engineering companies;
  • improving the efficiency of SMEs due to the introduction of engineering services;
  • improving budgetary efficiency of the engineering activities;
  • the creation of new high-end jobs in the region;
  • introduction of new technology (innovation) - the commercialization of R & D;
  • the introduction of effective support measures aimed at modernizing production;
  • formation of the market of engineering services.