Phone: +7 (8352) 23-70-20
Address: 429122, Chuvash Republic, g.Shumerlya, ul.Scherbakova 60

General information:

LLC "Proektelektrotekhnika" is a part of the largest Russian corporation "Proekt-tekhnika". Together with the corporation, we develop advanced, capacious, economically justified solutions for the creation and development of domestic transformer equipment, autonomous power plants, electrical units and power plants.

Products and services:

Product range:

  • power dry transformers with power from 10 to 12,500 kVA with voltage up to 35 kV of TLS and TLSZ types: distribution and separation, marine version with a frequency of 50 (60), 400 Hz;
  • primary and secondary windings for the manufacture of dry cast resin transformers with power up to 3150 kVA and voltage up to 20 kV;
  • dry converter transformers with power up to 3200 kVA and voltage up to 10 kV: two-winding and with split valve windings;
  • special transformers: according to the Scott scheme, the connection scheme of the windings is an incomplete star and an open triangle;
  • protective covers for transformer equipment of other manufacturers with a degree of protection IP21..IP54;
  • complete transformer substations with power up to 6300 kVA and voltage up to 10 kV: outdoor and indoor installation;
  • mobile package transformer substations on chassis with power from 25 to 2500 kVA with voltage up to 10 kV;
  • other power electrical equipment: reactors, chokes, grounding filters;
  • additional equipment: bushings with voltage up to 1000 V for currents up to 6000 A, vibration dampers, lanyards, lanyards, ShTZ and UV cabinets, HV and LV windings according to customer drawings
  • diesel generating sets and power plants with power from 8 to 200 kW
  • network energy storage devices up to 500 kW
  • control controller