JSC "NPO" Cascade "- co-organizer of the Round Table on the Cheboksary Economic Forum.

АО «НПО «Каскад» – соорганизатор Круглого стола на Чебоксарском экономическом форуме.

JSC "NPO" Cascade "- co-organizer of the Round Table on the Cheboksary Economic Forum.

On June 23, Cheboksary hosted the 9th Economic Forum “Regions of Russia — New Points of Growth”, the purpose of which was to exchange experience and discuss strategic initiatives for the socio-economic development of the region, international cooperation and new models of economic growth. The forum consisted of a plenary part, round tables and other business events, which were attended by over 1,000 people from 16 regions of Russia.

Within the framework of the Forum, discussions took place at 12 congress venues, the topics of which covered a whole range of areas necessary to ensure economic growth.

The issues of searching for modern engineering solutions in the energy industry, the development of innovative infrastructure and import substitution in electrical engineering were raised at the round table organized by the Engineering Center of the Chuvash Republic together with NPO Kaskad JSC “Quality engineering solutions are the basis for improving the efficiency of energy industry companies”. R.R., Senior Product Manager of the Low-Voltage Equipment Division of the Product Marketing Department of JSC DKS, took part in the work of the Round Table and made presentations. Akhmedshin, Director of the Department of New Technologies of High-Speed ​​Railroads JSC S.A. Alekseev, Director of the Marketing and Sales Department of NPO Kaskad JSC B.E. Shekhter, chief designer of JSC NPO Kaskad V.N. Alekseev, Deputy Chief Designer of JSC NPO Kaskad S.N. Yakovlev, Head of the Department of Radio Engineering and Radio Engineering Systems, Faculty of Radio Electronics and Automation I.N. Ulyanova A.L. Mikhailov, Deputy Technical Director of CJSC Volmag A.M. Goldshtein, chief designer of the ITs NKU of CJSC Volmag E.S. Semenov, head of the bureau of ZAO CHEAZ N.Yu. Yakovlev and engineer - designer of CJSC "CHEAZ" N.G. Chernikov.

During the event, representatives of the companies presented both the latest developments that are just entering the market, and long-established equipment that is used not only in general industrial design, but also at especially important nuclear power and shipbuilding facilities.

So, for example, the largest and most powerful icebreaker in the world, the Arktika, will set sail, thanks in part to the products manufactured by NPO Kaskad JSC. In the electrical equipment manufactured by CJSC "ChEAZ", with the help of which the entire energy power of the ship is controlled, rectangular connectors of the SP series and terminal clamps of the ZN27M series manufactured by the Cheboksary electrical enterprise are used. As a result of the work of the employees of NPO Kaskad JSC with the RMRS inspectors, all the permits necessary for the supply of these components to the icebreaker were obtained. The joint and fruitful work of all departments of the enterprise made it possible to manufacture and supply the necessary electrical products in the shortest possible time and of proper quality.

Not limited to the results achieved in the field of creating electrical connectors and relying on the needs of its main and potential consumers, JSC "RPA "Kaskad" is constantly developing new products that were presented to the audience of the Round Table. Among the promising projects is the creation of modules and connectors for optical, digital and radio frequency circuits, as well as connectors with pneumatic contacts. Having no analogues among Russian-made connectors, such connectors will allow domestic designers and equipment manufacturers to solve a wide range of tasks for the joint transmission of various signals. Connectors with optical contacts are capable of providing a high speed of signal and information transmission, while having high resistance to electromagnetic fields. The use of such connectors will make it possible to solve the problems of signal transmission in automated process control systems, as well as in interconnections of electronic monitoring and control equipment. The reliability of the connectors at various temperatures and in conditions of high humidity will ensure their combined use with housings for heavy-duty applications with a degree of protection up to IP67.

The reports made at the Round Table also touched upon the problems faced by manufacturers of domestic equipment. These problems lie in the implementation of a policy aimed at localizing production, as well as in the impossibility for medium and small enterprises to break through tenders, during which Russian analogues of foreign brands are not considered. Understanding all the difficulties of import substitution, NPO Kaskad JSC finds a solution in trying to develop its own production, focusing on the needs of its customers, in order to cover most of the product range as fully as possible and create new solutions with great functionality.

The work of the Round Table was held at a high level. The disclosure of the relevance of the topics of the speakers was supported by a lively discussion, constructive dialogues, pressing questions and answers. Sharing its production experience with representatives of other companies involved in the field of electrical engineering, JSC "NPO "Kaskad" learned a lot of interesting and useful information during the event, which will be successfully used in the future activities of the enterprise.