NPO "Kaskad-GROUP"

НПО «Каскад-ГРУП»

NPO "Kaskad-GROUP"

Director: Andreev Valery Slavovich
Phone: +7 (8352) 22-34-32
Address: 428003, Россия, Чувашская Республика, г. Чебоксары, проезд Машиностроителей, д. 1 "КГ"

General information:

Scientific and Production Association "Kaskad-GROUP", Cheboksary, specializes in the development of products for the automation market, IT solutions and the implementation of industrial automation systems. Our specialists have more than twenty-five years of experience in the design, development, production, supply and maintenance of system products, implementation of critical projects for the industrial automation market.

Company's mission

Achieving economic development and ensuring the efficiency of our customers, partners and employees through a comprehensive and high-quality solution to the problems of energy supply and resource saving through the development, production, implementation and support of engineering projects for process automation.