Реализуется проект по строительству индустриального парка г.Чебоксары

Реализуется проект по строительству индустриального парка г.Чебоксары

home-1402987372-0В настоящее время реализуется проект по строительству индустриального парка г.Чебоксары, расположенного по адресу г.Чебоксары, пр-кт Тракторостроителей, площадью земельного участка 23,1 га. В результате большого спроса со стороны организаций на размещение в индустриальном парке г.Чебоксары, прорабатывается возможность строительства 2-ой очереди индустриального парка г.Чебоксары на земельном участке с кадастровым номером 21:01:030306:82 площадью 23,8 га., расположенного по адресу, пр-кт Тракторостроителей, д.115, в районе территории ОАО «Промтрактор».

Building the infrastructure of the industrial park Cheboksary planned through budgetary investment.

Advantages of enterprises in the industrial park Cheboksary:

I. Administrative:

- decorated piece of land for industrial facilities,

- an agreed conceptual design of the territory,

- simplification of procedures for obtaining technical conditions for connection to the networks of water, electricity and gas,

- guarantee the receipt of all infrastructure connections (ready communication, penciled in Plots)

- support from the executive authorities at all stages of the project.

II. infrastructure:

- cleared area,

- centralized summarizing communications and the provision of infrastructure (roads, parking, protected areas and so on.)

- concentration on one area of ​​production, warehouse and office,

- good accessibility (near portion passes three lane highway Avenue Traktorostroitelei which 3 km adjacent to the federal highway A119 "Vjatka" and federal highway M7 "Volga", the distance to the rail freight terminal about 2000 m (g / d station Cheboksary II Gorky railway, the distance to Cheboksary about 8500 m international airport, the distance to the river port of JSC "Cheboksary river port" of about 10,000 m).

III. temporary:

- the opportunity to realize the project in a clear time frame,

- quick launch operations.

IV. financial:

- preferential lease of the land;

- the possibility of land acquisition in the property,

- cost savings (arising from the administrative advantages, as well as through service infrastructure).

Participation in the industrial park will allow:

- to save on infrastructure investment of their projects, thus increasing their efficiency;

- reduce the time to obtain the necessary for the implementation of investment projects on the territory of the Chuvash Republic, approvals and opinions from various government agencies;

- to get practical help in the interaction with public authorities, local authorities and organizations in the administrative procedures associated with obtaining land, placing on the investment areas of the Chuvash Republic, obtaining approvals and project documentation for the construction, obtaining permits for the construction of the facility and commissioning;

In this regard, the Ministry of Economic Development of Chuvashia asked to consider the possibility of locating production in the territory of the industrial park created in Cheboksary.

Their interest in participating in this project, please inform the Ministry of Economic Development of Chuvashia till March 27, 2015 to the email address (indust2@cap.ru), as well as fill out a form potential residents of the industrial park Cheboksary (second place).

If you have any questions, please contact the Ministry of Economic Development of Chuvashia by phone: 64-20-54, ext. 2341, Sergey Yuryevich Ivanov; 64-20-54 ext. 2343 Nikolaev German Georgievich.