RELAVEKSPO-2019: Course on the digitalization of Energy

RELAVEKSPO-2019: Course on the digitalization of Energy

В апреле 2019 года Форум «РЕЛАВЭКСПО» в пятый раз соберет производителей и потребителей электротехнического оборудования в Чебоксарах, где в период с 23 по 26 апреля пройдут V Международная научно-практическая конференция «Релейная защита и автоматизация электроэнергетических систем России» и выставка «РЕЛАВЭКСПО-2017» (далее – Форум «РЕЛАВЭКСПО»).

The organizers of the Forum are the Government of the Chuvash Republic together with the Association “Innovative Territorial Electrotechnical Cluster of the Chuvash Republic”, NP “Promotion of the development of relay protection, automation and control in the electric power industry”. The Russian Ministry of Energy expressed support for the event.

The main theme of the conference has been determined: “Vector of development of relay protection, automation and control: efficiency and reliability of power supply”. An exhibition is being held in parallel with the conference "Digital Electrical Engineering - Electrical Engineering of the Future", where conference participants have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest industry achievements in the field of relay protection and automation.

The RELAVEXPO conference and exhibition have earned recognition among the professional community of specialists from all subjects of the electric power industry. The RELAVEXPO-2017 conference was attended by more than 500 specialists from 82 Russian and foreign companies involved in the development, design, production and operation of relay protection and automation, industrial automation and automatic process control systems.

The main goals of the RELAVEXPO Forum: analysis of the current state of relay protection and automation devices and automation of processes of production, transmission and distribution of electricity; exchange of experience in the field of relay protection and automation (RPA), emergency automation (EA) and automation of control processes, design and operation of power facilities to ensure the reliability of operation and controllability of the UES of Russia in normal and emergency modes.

The achievement of these goals will undoubtedly be facilitated by on-site technical meeting of heads of relay protection and automation services of operating organizations. It will be held in an open format, which will allow both consumers and manufacturers of relay protection and automation products to develop common approaches to solving existing problems and form a common vision of ways to further improve and develop relay protection and automation devices.

The organizers of the RELAVEXPO Forum have never limited the range of participants only to Chuvash companies and invite organizations from other Russian regions, along with international companies, to take an active part in it. So in 2019, traditional participants from all over Russia, as well as young Russian companies that have not previously participated in it, are showing great interest in the event.

On the final day of the Forum on April 26, traditionally, participants will be given the opportunity to visit electrical enterprises in Cheboksary, the Certification Center, the Center for Cyber ​​Security in the Energy Industry, educational institutions that train workers and engineers for energy and electrical engineering enterprises - this is the “Cheboksary Electromechanical College” (trains workers various professions, an excursion to the Interregional Competence Center "Automation, Radio Engineering and Electronics"), Chuvash State University (trains engineering personnel for energy and electrical engineering enterprises, an excursion to laboratories at the departments of relay protection and electrical devices).

For questions regarding participation, please contact the InTEK Association (tel. (8352) 22-45-60, 64-20-54, e-mail:,